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"SHELLY is a fantastic motivational speaker,and facilitator not to mention a phenomenal woman."

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Most Requested Speeches and Keynotes


This presentation is for personal and professional development for those that need organization, drive, and accountability...and a swift kick in the behind to focus on winning in every area of their lives:

Topics covered are:

  • 5 characteristics of an effective accountability partner
  • Why are some accountability partners don't want to succeed
  • Accountability Partner vs Accountability Coach
  • Why everyone needs an Accountability Coach
  • How to's of never giving up
  • Incorporating a smile that brightens not only your life but your future & prosperity using the "Smile Formula"
  • I AM UNSTOPPABLE CONFESSIONS that everyone needs to read daily to take your life from dry to High and never BYE-BYE.

Speech is ideal for:Corporate - Entrepreneurs - Business - Women Empowerment

One amazing, phenomenal woman that has a serious call and gift from above for encouraging and lifting peoples spirits to a positive "I Can Do It" Level!

Robert McArthur

I Can Do This!

Requested for personal development aiding eliminating fear, guilt, excuses of the past that rob you of your future.

Topics covered are:

  • how to steps of  eliminating fear, guilt, and daily excuses
  • how to understand your wonder woman and superman capabilities and gifts
  • operating in your gift

Program is ideal for:Corporate - Entrepreneurs - Business - Women Empowerment

Primarily motivational, impactful and consistent. I don't have to worry about being confused about your leadership.

Frenchy Saintiny, San Antonio, TX

Let Me Upgrade You

This presentation will motivate, inspire, and teach women to go after entrepreneurship, embody a Goal Digging winning mindset, and to establish systems of growth and prosperity.

Topics covered are:

  • how to focus on self, growth, and entrepreneurship
  • how to reinvent your mindset daily
  • how to maximize and optimize to get your prize
  • how to strategies to become a client magnet
  • how to utilize customer relationship management & project management systems to take your business to next level

Program is ideal for:Corporate - Entrepreneurs - Business - Women Empowerment

You provide support , strength, and direction to the Lionesses. Unwavering Faith,  you show by example what a woman of God exemplifies. You love on us! No Lioness left behind you build relationships and we trust you with our life! You provide a safe place (no judgement zone) for us to love, laugh, and cry. You're the Sheppard building up other Sheppard's in their own field. You help us succeed in every area of our lives and provide us with what we need to accomplish anything! With your faith... you help us use our faith to heal the sick, the broken, and the bruised.

Sherrie Lafong, Virgin Islands:


Geared towards faith based establishments, churches, women's networking groups.etc. - This faith based women's empowerment strategy session. teaches you:

Topics covered are:

  • who should be in your circle of support & influence
  • how to establish an effective sisterhood, free of drama & jealousy
  • how to be that magnet that draws the right people into your life
  • how important your CHARACTER is with all relationships

Program is ideal for:Corporate - Entrepreneurs - Business - Women Empowerment

Shelly is truly one of the most amazing coaches I have ever met. Having had the pleasure of watching her in action several times, I can honestly say, she's what the worlds been missing. A true slayer of doubt and low self-esteem, Shelly can transform even the most broken individuals into triumphant conquerors.

CJ Quinney, President , Eric Thomas & Associates (ETA)


This is for team building and professional development. This presentation aids in allowing your management and staff to see their MVP status even when they're not always recognized! This presentation ushers in the importance of recognizing your team and it provides:

  • tools to maintain an "I AM BUILT FOR THIS MENTALITY"
  • how to tools of having an effective team

Program is ideal for:Corporate - Entrepreneurs - Business - Women Empowerment