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"SHELLY is a fantastic motivational speaker,and facilitator not to mention a phenomenal woman."

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Success Stories and Testimonies

Kwame’ Huntley, Baltimore, Maryland

Let me tell you, when I received my shirts, I didn't wear them right away, maybe the next week. Listen here, when I put on my "I Am Winning" shirt, I felt like I'd put on a cape and the wind was blowing through my hair! Lol! I'm so serious! The next week I wore "I Am A Goal Digger", you couldn't tell me NOTHING! Confidence out of nowhere! Got so many compliments on that one. I still have one more to wear, "I Am More Than a Conqueror". I just may float off of the ground with that one! I am so serious about these shirts and will definitely be ordering more. I believe in this brand and I believe in Shelly. ONLY quality work and customer service, and the shirts are so soft. Nothing like being comfortable when you're winning the day! I felt the prayers that were put into this product. Shelly you have a customer for life!

Kwame’ Huntley, Baltimore, Maryland
Tieshea Moses, Manakin, VA

Working with Shelly Shelton has been an uplifting and positive experience. She is accountable, focused and goal oriented. Her determination, strength, widsom and dedication to empower others are nothing more than God gifted talents. Thank you for being you! #IAMACCOUNTABLE #IAMWINNING

Tieshea Moses, Manakin, VA
Randall Holt, Oxnard California

The I AM Shelly Shelton shirts affirm your true being. The words come to life once you Believe and Do the Work. I wear my shirts with pride, Nice fit and comfortable. I Am Truly a Shelly Shelton Fan.

Randall Holt, Oxnard California
Cynthia Rollins

I AM Shelly Shelton, LLC is a fabulous coach! Shelly is accountable and has the determination that you will achieve your goals. She has really broaden my knowledge in areas that I didn't know existed to meet my goals. Thank you Shelly!

Cynthia Rollins, Chesterfield VA
Robert McArthur

One amazing, phenomenal woman that has a serious call and gift from above for encouraging and lifting peoples spirits to a positive "I Can Do It" Level!

Robert McArthur
Rasheeda Edmundson

There are people in your life who tell you...you have wings....and then, there are those who SHOW YOU HOW TO USE THEM!!! I AM Shelly Shelton, LLC...did just that today. Im grateful for this life changing, mind blowing experience!!! Invest in yourself and take the steps into the I AM Shelly Shelton, LLC experience!! This journey will turn your Dreams to Reality, give your spirit the wings to fly the skies of your passions, and anchor you Hopes with direction and focus!!! Truly phenomenal person, driven with heart of gold and a gifting from God!!!...Are you ready to Fly???

Rasheeda Edmundson, Richmond, VA
Lisa Espinoza, Wichita Kansas

Shelly is incredibly uplifting, strong, and full of encouragement. She challenges thoughts, holds you accountable, and is incredibly supportive and loving. Not to mention how softttt her shirts are!!!  She is the best!!

Lisa Espinoza, Wichita Kansas, Owner of: Legacy Enterprises- LE Fitness
Sharee Sloan, Stylist, Owner of Six21

Shelly is truly amazing! She will not only help you assess your business and she'll show you how to take it from Good to Great. I've accomplished more in 60 days than I have in a year...that speaks volumes. Thank you Shelly!

Sharee Sloan, Stylist, Owner of Six21, Greensboro, NC

Primarily motivational, impactful and consistent. I don't have to worry about being confused about your leadership.

Frenchy Saintiny, San Antonio, TX

You provide support , strength, and direction to the Lionesses. Unwavering Faith,  you show by example what a woman of God exemplifies. You love on us! No Lioness left behind you build relationships and we trust you with our life! You provide a safe place (no judgement zone) for us to love, laugh, and cry. You're the Sheppard building up other Sheppard's in their own field. You help us succeed in every area of our lives and provide us with what we need to accomplish anything! With your faith... you help us use our faith to heal the sick, the broken, and the bruised.

Sherrie Lafong, Virgin Islands:

I would describe Shelly's leadership on the prayer call as Exceptional! She is a woman full of faith, wisdom,  love, and compassion!

Her strength and encouragement gives each of us the boldness to persevere and face any obstacle or trial head on, knowing that we are more than conquerors and defeat is not an option!

She has the uncanny ability to identify individual's gifts and callings and to push each one closer to achieving and walking in their purpose.

She is an example of GREAT FAITH and OBEDIENCE!!

Because of her godly example the prayer  group runs smoothly every week without confusion or competition.

Shelly is also an accountability specialist!  She knows how to hold your feet to the fire just enough for you to feel the heat but not get burned. That's her way of showing she cares.

Shelly Shelton is a visionary! She is a woman of excellence! She is a Great, Loving, Spirit-led,  Fearless leader and we are all the better because of her!!

Denise Daniels, Rahway, New Jersey