Introducing Unstoppable U!

Unstoppable University is a community of like minded women of girl bosses, female entrepreneurs, future female entrepreneurs, & wonder women that want a change in their lives personally & professionally.

The premise behind becoming "Unstoppable" is that building a successful business, life, and career isn’t just about what you know, but who you are accountable to.

No matter how smart you are, how much talent you have, or how hard you grind at your goals, you can’t do it alone. You can attempt to, but it will take you much longer than if you connected yourself with the right people who can hold you accountable.

That’s why this unique program mixes coaching with access to those “inaccessible” people in various industries who can help you get the results you want super-fast.

Unstoppable U is for any entrepreneur, speaker and woman who:

  • Wants to learn proven strategies that bring tangible results fast.
  • Monthly coaching and support to hold you accountable.
  • Wants to build an awesome life and career that supports their vision.
  • Refuses to settle for less and not reach goals.
  • Doesn’t want to live unfulfilled and visionless

Unstoppable U has two tiers to help you accomplish your goals.

Aspiring Speakers Academy is for you if:

  • want a deeper exploration into who you are as a speaker AND A BRAND
  • want to Identify your purpose, obtain your plan and understand principles for success
  • want to communicate your story powerfully in everyday interactions
  • want to define your own unique, powerful style of delivering your message.

TLC Recruiting Academy is for you if you are a restaurant franchise owner or manager (QSR, casual dining or full service) and you want to learn:

  • Techniques to determine where your industry's job openings should be listed, how frequent the postings need to be removed and uploaded, etc.
  • Hard-to-fill recruiting strategies
  • Sourcing strategies to find passive job seekers
  • Market analysis


Shelly is truly amazing! She will not only help you assess your business and she'll show you how to take it from Good to Great. I've accomplished more in 60 days than I have in a year...that speaks volumes. Thank you Shelly!

Sharee Sloan
Sharee Sloan Owner of Six21 (Greensboro, NC)

Shelly is incredibly uplifting, strong, and full of encouragement. She challenges thoughts, holds you accountable, and is incredibly supportive and loving.  She is the best!!

Lisa Espinoza
Lisa Espinoza Owner, LE Fitness (Wichita, KS)