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CJ Quinney, President, ETA (Eric Thomas & Associates)

"Shelly is truly one of the most amazing coaches I have ever met. Having had the pleasure of watching her in action several times, I can honestly say, she's what the world's been missing. A true slayer of doubt and low self-esteem, Shelly can transform even the most broken individuals into triumphant conquerors."

CJ Quinney, President, ETA (Eric Thomas & Associates)

Meet Shelly, Your Accountability Coach

From the age of 8 till today, Shelly's energy has been CRAZY ON FIRE! When she enters a room, she lights the room up with her smile & high octane listen-to-me tone.

It's no coincidence that today Shelly speaks at events, coaches, trains, and motivates aspiring speakers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporate leaders. She helps people realize they are "Unstoppable" with her I Am Gear and her videos and articles.

Today you can be impacted by the inspiration, accountability, and motivation of Shelly Shelton, Your Accountability Coach.

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Sharee Sloan, Stylist, Owner of Six21 (Greensboro, NC)

Shelly is truly amazing! She will not only help you assess your business and she'll show you how to take it from Good to Great. I've accomplished more in 60 days than I have in a year...that speaks volumes. Thank you Shelly!

Sharee Sloan, Stylist, Owner of Six21 (Greensboro, NC)